Sunderland Fan Sends Disgusting Tweet to Shearer – Instantly Regrets It

Shearer gets a lot of stick from Sunderland fans and now that he is on Twitter it is easier for them to send abuse to him directly – but trolling people on social media can backfire, especially if the person you target has a following as huge as Big Al’s.

Yesterday a Sunderland fan Tweeted this nasty message to the Newcastle legend – to which Shearer replied, therefore bringing it to the attention of all his followers…

(we have blurred his name out so that we can share with people what happened without revealing his Twitter ID)

Shearer Tweet 11

Alan was right to ask if there was any need for that Tweet. A bit of grief is expected but a Tweet like this is unnecessary.



The Sunderland fan promptly deleted his Tweet but not before he received a backlash from other Twitter users. He then obviously apologised and Shearer accepted it…

Shearer Tweet 211


Afterwards, he continued to Tweet about the backlash he received…

Shearer Tweet 3

Good on him for apologising, although he should never have sent it in the first place.

A lesson for those keyboard warriors out there.

You may remember other instances of failed trolling attempts by Sunderland fans like this one and also times when Shearer was the instigator.

And then there was the time a Sunderland fan tried to troll Shearer about his niece, but failed miserably.

After the derby defeat he dealt well with one particular Sunderland fan who was gloating a bit too much with this great reply.

Shearer’s latest attempt to wind up fans of Sunderland on Twitter happened yesterday after their embarrassing defeat away to Everton.



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