Santa Pet (Santa Baby – Geordie version)

Santa Pet

The Christmas song ‘Santa Baby’ has been given a Geordie makeover by local lasses ‘May Arcade’.



Check out the lyrics underneath the video as well as links to May Arcade’s YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, Twitter account and more…

Santa pet, slip an ipad under the tree for me,
Been a canny good lass, Santa pet…
So hurry doon the chimney the night

Santa petal, a stripey onesy – aye it’ll do!
Thank you
Y’na av been good as gold
Santa petal, so hurry doon the chimney the night

Think of all the craic av missed,
Staying in on weekends and not getting…
Next year al be as good .. if you say aye to me Christmas list

Santa hinny, Ed Sheeran’s album and tickets too,
I’ll take you!
One condition mind you, w’take ya sleigh,
So hurry doon the chimney tnite

Santa matey, it’s hard to read me books when in bed,
It hurts me head – giz a Kindle instead,
Santa matey,
so hurry doon the chimney tnite

Santa pet,
another YouTube hit would be mint!
So share the link
Ya na y’love May Arcade
Hurry doon the chimney tnite,
Hurry doon the chimney tnite…

Get a move on doon me chimney…..


Check out more videos by May Arcade on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqa6zdlJuIEIFCwieGPlrIg

Follow May Arcade:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayarcade

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mayarcade

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mayarcade

Check out their website and blog here: http://www.mayarcade.com/



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