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We are pleased to reveal our new advertising solutions that will offer great value for money for businesses in the region.

Recently we invested in a new advertising program, and after a period of testing we are now ready to offer vastly improved online display advertising to our clients.

Now you can reach our large North-East audience safe in the knowledge that you will only pay if your banner advert is actually seen by someone visiting our website.

We feel this is a much better option than simply charging a flat fee for a banner advert for a set amount of time, without guarantee of actual audience numbers.

Our header banner and above article banner are the two prime positions on every Newcastle Uncovered page, due to the fact that each website visitor will view them before reading the content below.


Prime banner spaces


CPM refers to “cost per thousand impressions.” An impression is a single instance of an ad appearing on a website.

The CPM for our header banner is £6 CPM and the above article banner is also £6 CPM.

This means that it would cost only £6 to have your advert appear 1,000 times. Pretty good, right?

Let’s compare that to a popular method of promotion, street flyering


Print cost for 20,000 A6 flyers = approximately £200 ( website quotes over £330 but we know there are better deals than that!)

Distribution of 20,000 flyers = approximately £212 (based on 2 people being paid £5.30 per hour for 20 hours each – that’s if they hand out 500 each per hour)

Total cost = £412 (excluding flyer passes and artwork design)

Ok, so that’s 20,000 flyers handed out (assuming you have reliable flyer staff!). But how much would it cost to have your advert appear 20,000 times on our website?

At £6 PCM that would be only £120

There are obviously advantages to having nice glossy flyers handed out. There is plenty of space to display a lot of information about your business and people can keep hold of them to read at a later date or pass to a friend.

However, the return on investment with street flyering is typically poor. Many people tend to put the leaflet in the bin immediately after taking one or put it in their bag and forget about it. People on the move are unlikely to stop and absorb all the information on the flyer. So with this in mind, it can be an expensive and wasteful advertising option.

Banner adverts can still contain a lot of information and ours are completely responsive, which means they adjust size depending on the device being used to view them. This allows for maximum impact for people visiting our website on a computer as well as from a mobile device.

Responsive advert example

Our banner adverts are small in comparison to flyers but they can be linked to any website/Facebook page/Twitter profile so that readers are just one click away from a huge amount of information related to your business and the option to connect with you via a Facebook like or Twitter follow.

Another way to make maximum use of our your banner space is to use an animated GIF banner, like the example below (don’t worry, we can assist you in creating these if you are not familiar with them).

[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”2574″]


Viewing statistics

Website owners and advertisers looks at a two main metrics when it comes to CPM advertising. Firstly it is the number of times the advert is viewed (number of impressions) and secondly it is the click-through-ratio (CTR). The CTR determines the percentage of people that saw the ad and then clicked it.

For example, if the advert is seen by 10,000 people and 200 people click it, that would be a 2% CTR.

Our banner advert space will be shared between a number of different advertisers. This ensures that people are not always seeing the same advert and also means the duration of each campaign will last longer.

Our tests also show that the ‘header banner’ space and ‘above article banner’ space each benefited from a higher CTR when numerous adverts were available to occupy them.

For example, on one page load there might be an advert for ‘business A’, on the next page load an ‘advert for business B’ and so on.

The adverts do not rotate in a single page load so you can be sure that when your advert records a page view, that it is there to be viewed for the whole time the page is open.

During our test period, our header and banner adverts recorded a CTR average of just over 3% with some individual banners recording a CTR of over 5%.

These results are higher than the CTR average of websites worldwide due to the fact our audience is made up of people from the North-East and our adverts are from local, relevant companies – therefore people are more likely to be interested in what is advertised and click the banner to find out more.



With our online display advertising options, we provide weekly statistic reports containing details of the number of impressions as well as clicks together with the click through ratio figure.

Our advanced system also records what kind of device each view/click came from, from which web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) as well as the actual IP address of the device that made the view.

All of this is made available to our clients. We can also provide details of your campaign whenever you like (if you want a day-by-day report of the statistics that’s fine – our system automatically makes the data available in a nice tidy PDF so it will take no time at all for us to send it to you).


What about people using Adblock?

This is an important issue because you don’t want to be charged for an advert being viewed if the visitor to our site is using some sneaky adblock software that prevents it being displayed, do you?

Our system only counts advert impressions if the advert is actually displayed.

So there’s another thing you don’t need to worry about.



Our website displays content relevant to Newcastle including news, sports and fun stuff such as this post about Growing up in Newcastle in the 1990s.

As a result, our audience is highly targeted and very relevant to businesses operating in the North-East.

Together with a strong social media presence (nearly 30,000 Facebook fans and nearly 11,000 Twitter followers as of 3rd September 2015) we ensure a steady stream of viewers from the North Eastviewers who could soon be exposed to your advert!


So there you have it. We feel this is a great, cost effective way of reaching a very relevant audience, if of course you want to reach people living in Newcastle and the surrounding area.

We think we have covered all the essential information about our online display advertising options in this post, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email –



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