North-East Man Told He Would Never Walk Again Defies All Odds

A man from Durham has defied all odds by managing to walk again following injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, after doctors told him it would never happen.

Andrew with his mum Moira, and dad Alistair, a month after his motorcycle accident.

Andrew with his mum Moira, and dad Alistair, a month after his motorcycle accident.

Andrew Bell was one of the first people in the world to receive ground-breaking treatment for spinal-cord injuries and has continued to amaze his friends and family with the progress he has made.

In May 2015, Andrew was involved in a motorcycle accident in county Durham, leaving him wheel-chair bound.

I remember the sound and being on the floor and saying: ‘I can’t feel my legs,’ and the next thing I knew I was in the Royal Victoria Infirmary hospital.

Despite being told he would never walk again, Andrew was determined to prove the doctors wrong.

I’m the kind of person that if someone says you can’t do something, I will do everything in my power to prove them wrong.

After researching available treatments for spinal cord injuries, Andrew travelled to Thailand to receive epidural stimulation, a revolutionary procedure that has the potential to allow patients with paralysis to walk again.

Left: Andrew's rehabilitation Right: The device that could change Andrew's life

Left: Andrew’s rehabilitation
Right: The device that could change Andrew’s life

The treatment, provided by Epidural Stimulation Now, involves the application of a continuous electrical current to specific locations on the lower part of the patient’s spinal cord.

A small, surgically implanted device is wired up to the spinal cord and controlled externally by a remote control.



The treatment also includes 6 rounds of Stem Cell treatment which not only helps regrow nerve cells, but is proven to greatly improve organ and bodily functions in spinal cord injury patients.

Before receiving the treatment, Andrew set a goal of being able to stand up by his 30th birthday, which was on 8th December 2015 – and you will be pleased to hear that due to the success of the treatment and his determination, he was able to do it.

Since then he has continued to show amazing results at the hospital in Thailand and is now back in the North-East.


Andrew on his feet at the hospital in Thailand, just before heading back to the UK

Andrew on his feet at the hospital in Thailand, just before heading back to the UK


Andrew will continue his physiotherapy back in the UK and his ultimate goal is to run a marathon again. He is proud to be an ambassador for the treatment he received and hopes to help raise awareness of the procedure.

An inspirational story that we will continue to follow.

Visit Andrew’s Go Fund Me page by clicking here.

Find out more about epidural stimulation, the breakthrough treatment that Andrew received.






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