Newcastle Woman Cancels Hen Party After Thousands Plan to Crash It

A local woman has cancelled her Hen-Party after it went viral on Facebook. A friend (we assume it was the bridesmaid) created a Facebook event to let people know about the proposed Hen-Party for Julie, the bride to be. Unfortunately she forgot to make the event private, which meant it was open and visible to everyone else on Facebook. This usually shouldn’t be much of a problem, but this time it certainly was – as thousands of people started to click ‘attend’ and invite their own list of friends to the Facebook event.

This screen shot was from when only 92 were attending – still a lot more than Julie was hoping for…

It all started to escalate pretty quickly after that…




And Julie was starting to get a bit worried…




The number of people attending was over 15,000 before it was finally cancelled – with over 25,000 people being invited…




Who knows what the final number would have been if this didn’t happen…




As you can imagine, there were people having a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook about the whole thing and how the event went viral so quickly.



The hash-tag #julieshenparty became widely used with funny memes and comments coming from all over the UK…




And people were gutted that it was cancelled…





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