Newcastle tops list of student spending on alcohol

Just over a week ago Newcastle found it self top of the list of most friendly regions in the UK and this week it has topped another list – although this one is probably not going to make the residents quite as proud!

The ‘2015 Student Living Index’, a survey conducted by NatWest, found that students in Newcastle spend more on alcohol than their counterparts in any other UK city.

Work hard, play hard. There is plenty on offer for students in Newcastle outside of university, whether they like to drink or not.

Work hard, play hard. There is plenty of things for students to do in Newcastle outside of lectures, whether they like to drink or not.


According to the results, students in Newcastle spend £15.27 per week on alcohol on average, ahead of Glasgow in second place, where students spend £14.24 on average.


Average weekly expenditure by UK students. Source: NatWest Student Living Survey 2015 http://goo.gl/4rC8FR

Average weekly expenditure by UK students. Source: NatWest Student Living Survey 2015


You may be surprised to see London at the bottom of the list, especially if you have been on a night out in London yourself (you will know how expensive it can be). But we guess this is due to the fact that students in the capital might be more likely to purchase alcohol from local stores/supermarkets and avoid bars/clubs/pubs more often then students elsewhere in the UK.



There is no doubt that Newcastle has a fantastic reputation for night-life amongst students. Other figures from the survey suggest that Newcastle is also a relatively inexpensive place to live whilst studying towards a degree – perhaps this allows them to have more money left over for an extra night in the Town (or two)!

Click here to view the full results of the NatWest student survey.

Talking about students, have you seen this hilarious fancy dress video involving Newcastle students in Jesmond?



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