Hillary Clinton’s Family Tree Shows Very Close Connection With North East

Are you a Trump supporter or do you hope that Hillary Clinton wins the race for the US Presidency? Or do you not care too much about American politics? Either way, it’s interesting to know that the Democrat leader, and favourite to become the next President of the United States, has close links with the North East of England. Very close indeed.

According to her family tree (which we discovered on the Twitter account associated with the England’s North East website), Hillary’s grandfather, Hugh Simpson Rodham, was born near Stanley in County Durham in 1879. His father, Jonathan Rodham, was a miner born in Cragside and his mother Isabella Simpson Bell was born in Collierley, also in County Durham. Three years after Hugh’s birth, the whole family moved to Pennsylvania in America, which is where he spent the rest of his childhood. He remained in the states and went on to marry a woman called Hannah Jones, who born in Scranton, Pennsylvania to Welsh immigrant parents.


Credit: http://englandsnortheast.co.uk

On 2nd April 1911, the couple celebrated the birth of their son (Hillary’s father), who was also called Hugh. Hugh Rodham went on to marry Dorothy Howell, who was born in Chicago, and on October 26th 1947, Hillary Diane Rodham was born.

When Hillary married Bill Clinton in October of 1975,  she decided to keep her own surname and continued to be known as Hillary Rodham for the next few years, in an attempt to keep her professional life seperate from her husband’s and avoid any conflicts of interest.

It wasn’t until Bill Clinton’s campaign to become governor of Arkansas that Hillary began to use the Clinton surname instead Rodham.

And the rest of her story is more familiar. She went on to become the first Lady of the United States when Bill Clinton become President in 1993. She stood by her husband during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which revealed that Bill had engaged in an extramarital affair with the intern whilst he was President.

Hillary went on to become New York’s US Senator in 2001 and continued progressing in her politcal career when she became America’s 67th Secretary of State in 2009, a position she held up until 2013.

On 12th April 2015 Hillary Clinton announced that she would run for President in the 2016 elections, and in a matter of weeks we will find out whether or not her attempt to become the first female president of the USA has been successful or not.

However, one man stands in her way…

So there we have it. In a matter of weeks, a lady whose grandfather was born in Stanley, Country Durham, could hold the world’s most powerful position – President of the United States.

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