In this section of our website we will list information about current fund-raising efforts by people in and around Newcastle. Hopefully this will increase awareness of the good work people are doing to raise money for charities close to their hearts and also encourage more people to donate and help them reach their fund-raising target.

If you would like your fund-raising challenge to be featured on this page, please email details to including a link to your donation page, a brief introduction about why you are raising money and also information about the charity you are supporting.

Zoe’s Great North Run – Raising money for Bright Red

I would just like to make people aware of blood cancer and the Bright Red charity.
This charity is very personal to me, I came across the charity when my dad was diagnosed with  leukaemia for the first time, he has now been fighting for his life for 2 years, having previously being cleared of the disease for over a year, it recently came back and sadly  my family have received devastating news that he has just weeks to live aged just 54.

Through the Bright Red charity my dad was able to have blood transfusions, which would give him energy to do simple things that we take for granted, like a short walk to the shop or a game of pool or cards.
Also through the work of the Bright Red charity my dad was able to have two bone marrow transplants, he would have passed away two years ago without them.

Regardless of my personal heartache I really cannot emphasise enough how much this charity need the help of every human being,  as like me and my family we never thought leukaemia would come to our door.
This charity are North East based and specialise in blood donation and blood cancer for both children and adults, as a small charity they are often forgot about, however their work is crucial.
So please please please I ask you to help this charity and to help all those suffering with any kind of blood cancer by making a donation, whatever you can afford and thank you for taking the time to read this x


Fund-raising by the Village Inn pub in Longframlington

Every year the Village Inn pub (located in the small village of Longframlington, Northumberland) chooses a different Charity to fund-raise for, and this year as well as aiming to Break the £100,000 barrier as a collective effort over the last 6 years, they have chosen a charity which is very close to their hearts.

This Year they are donating towards the CLIC Sargent Charity as they are helping one of their former Employees…

In February, Becky who worked at the pub, received the sad news that she was suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She was diagnosed with the condition just a few weeks before her 21st Birthday. Since then she has had to leave work in order to undergo treatment for the Cancer. CLIC Sargent was there for her from the very early stages of diagnosis and will stay hand in hand with Becky, her Friends and Family throughout. They help anyway they can until the treatment is finished and even then the Charity will still be there for her to call upon at any time.

The Charity is the UK’s leading Cancer Charity for Children and young people and their families. They provide clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life.

The Village Inn pub has many events going on in the community throughout the year including the Ben Nevis/Caledonian Canal Challenge.

On June 15th a group will set off to hike up and down Ben Nevis, then immediately jump into canoes to paddle the 70 miles of the Caledonian Canal and finally cycle the return journey along the canal back to Fort William. They hope to complete this challenge in just 48 hours!

Click here to visit their Justgiving page:

They also have Facebook page dedicated to their fund-raising efforts.

Andy Sanderson fund-raising for Steps

“After we found out our son will be born (in 2 weeks time at the RVI) with bilateral talipes, also known as clubfoot, I decided to get involved in fund raising for Steps, a fantastic charity who support families affected by hip dysplasia, clubfoot or other lower limb conditions. The literature and advice provided by steps helped calm us down after the initial shock of finding out our son has this condition and helped us understand what the future will hold for him.

When our son is born he will have to wear a series of 6 plaster casts on both legs for a week at a time to gradually straight the feet. This is followed by an operation under anaesthetic called a Tenotomy, where the tight Achilles tendons in each foot are released and a final cast is put on for 3 weeks. After this the baby will have to wear special boots joined together with a bar for 23 hours per day for 3 months,. If all is well the boots and bar are then only worn at night until our son is 4 years old.

Whilst around 9 out of 10 children will make a full recovery this is not the case in developing countries. It is estimated that each year 200,000 children around the world are born with club foot and 80% are born in low and middle income countries. Many of these children never receive treatment or are given incorrect treatment, which makes the problem worse. They must then spend the rest of their life with an unnecessary disability, which causes pain, difficulty in walking and stigma.

To try and raise as much money and awareness as possible for Steps, I had the idea of really pushing myself to the limit and attempting to run a total of 1000km in 2015 (the furthest I’d previously managed to complete in a year was 250km!). This is quite a challenge not just in terms of the number of miles I need to run, but also trying to avoid illness/injury all year and finding the time to run with a baby and undoubtedly lots of sleepless nights on the way!

So far I’ve completed 7 events and signed up for over 20 events further ones, ranging from trail running along the beach/over the sand dunes in the CTS Bamburgh 10k and in the forests of Derwentside during the Gateshead 10k Trail, to assault course races like the River Rat Race in Stockton (which includes swimming and kayaking in the Tees River!) and the Mad March Mare at Hexham (around the muddy horse racing track) to more standard road running events such as the Great North Run Half Marathon and the legendary Blaydon Race.”

Here is the link to Andy’s fund-raising page, which he updates after each event and at the end of each month:

Laura Belshaw and her daughters – raising money for Marie Curie

‘We are aiming to raise 60,000 to pay for Just one day of care in all 9 Marie Curie hospices to repay them for caring for our beautiful and brave mam in the last 4 weeks of her life.
Diagnosed with inoperable secondary bone cancer in December 2014 after suffering from a sore back, which we later found out was broken in two places, it quickly spread to her brain meaning she needed 24 hour specialist care. Our mam was a wonderful children’s nurse who devoted her life to helping others and we want something lovely and positive to come out of all of this.’

Help them with their fund-raising by visiting their Just Giving page:

Visit their Facebook page is here:


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