19 Guaranteed Ways to Annoy A Geordie

A post has recently been doing the rounds on social media entitled ’19 Guaranteed Ways to Annoy A Geordie’.

The post was created by Eloise Vanstone on the Wow24/7 website and it has some valid points – although we don’t think all of these things would actually annoy a Geordie and there are definitely a couple of extra things that could be added to the list!

This is one of several posts written on the site about Newcastle by Eloise, so she must know a bit about the city. We are not sure if she is from here or if she even lives in Newcastle but her posts are pretty good.

Below are the 19 Guaranteed Ways to Annoy A Geordie according to Eloise…

1. Being a posh Southerner

2. Being a (badly behaved) student

3. Mimicking the accent

4. Disrespecting Ant and Dec

5. Being teetotal

6. Getting Newcastle mixed up with Middlesbrough

7. Wearing a coat and flats on a night out

8. Arguing about football

9. Being unfriendly

10. Associating with Mackems

We think this one could be increasingly true, especially considering recent performances in the derby.



What do you think?

11. Referring to rolls as Baps, not ‘Stotties’

12. Claiming Newcastle is just about Geordie Shore

13. Not liking Billy Elliot

14. Presuming Newcastle is uncultured

15. Disrespecting Gazza or Shearer

16. Not liking Greggs

17. Not appreciating the architecture

18. Denying that Mr Bean’s a Geordie

19. Calling yourself a Northerner (if you’re from the Midlands)


What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below…

To read the original post by Eloise including the additional text and images, click here.




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